Monday, May 4, 2009

Visting Wezzz!

May 1: Trip to Lismore-
Southern Cross University

The weekend finally came and I was able to get away and go visit one of my friends who is studying abroad here in Australia as well! On Friday I started my journey by catching the bus and train to Brisbane, where I would walk around the city and kill sometime until my next bus to Lismore arrived. After a VERY interesting bus ride the boys picked me up at the Lismore train station.

We headed to meet up Wes' roommates and friends at a local restaraunt to celebrate one of their birthdays. It was a nice evening, even though I arrived about an hour later than I was suppose to :/ All of the friends were really fun and outgoing, which was refreshing!

The rest of the night was spent playing ping pong, eating cake, and just hanging out--preparing for the next big day we had ahead of us!

Saturday was the long awaited 'Race Day' that all the Southern Cross Uni students had been very anxious and excited for! The school put on a breakfast for the residents and then shuttled us out on buses to the race track. The weather turned out to be great and the whoel experience was brand new to me! I really enjoyed meeting new people, betting on horses with Wes(even though I didn't win), and hanging around the track for the day. Of course, I can't forget to mention the very last race...which consisted of a crazy Canadian streaking right down the main stretch in front of the entire crowd, ha!
What was a really fun day turned into an even more interesting night...and that is pretty much all I have to say about that! A lot of laughing : )

The next morning Matty drove us to spend the morning and afternoon at Byron Bay. The 45 minute ride their itself was really beautiful. So much green and so many hills! We took a walk up and around the the most easterly point of Australia!! and then on to the lighthouse.

We had a great view with a lot of turquoise water, unending beaches, some turtles, stingrays, and other aquatic animals. We headed back down to have a bbq at the beach, soaked up the sun, and the boys attempted to do some body boarding!

We ended the day walking around Byron and seeing what the town has to offer! I could see myself bumming around this little surf/hippie town for a weekend again some time. Three o'clock was well on its way when I had to jump back on a bus for a long ride home. It was a really great day and the weather was on our side. It started pouring right when my bus pulled away :)

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Although I don't how you couldn't with us! Hahaha! I'll have to try and keep up with your travels.
    Have more wonderful travels.
    Claire xoxo