Monday, May 4, 2009

Another Weekend at the Coast

April 23

Had a wonderful Thursday night out at the apartments and then at our UNI night location, Woombye. My friend Britt was telling everyone it was my birthday, so none-the-less it was a very comical night and I laughed every time she tried to convince randoms to buy me a drink. Since she wasn’t able to be with me on my birthday she apparently thought tonight was a good way of making up for it! It was great.

Later that weekend a large group of us took a bus to climb one of the Glass House Mountains. Just trying to find the mountain was a good portion of the adventure!

The Glass House Mountains are believed to have formed from volcanic activity. They were once plugs of lava which cooled with volcanic cones. Erosion of the surrounding limestone has revealed the existing landscape and unique structure of the mountains. There are 14 mountains in total spread over 600,000 hectares.

We climbed Mt Ngungun which is 253 M. On our walk to there we passed a pineapple field, which I loved of course! I had never seen one before and nothing screams Chelsey more than an endless supply of her favorite fruit! After the climb, we walked around a little town and played at the park while we waited for the next train back.

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