Monday, June 22, 2009

"study week" part TWO

- stop # FOUR: Airlie Beach
Arrived at about 5 am and reception was not open until 6:30. Hung out in McDonalds, took a walk, and got some fresh air. Katie and I were delirious and bouncing off the walls. The others probably hated us! Oh well that’s what happens when I don’t sleep. After a while Katie, Wes, and I claimed the car and passed out. Britt and Pat experienced a beautiful sunrise over the harbor. Soon enough reception at the hostel opened and we all went and took over the couches in their common area…at least we were able to get a good couple hours of sleep in us!

After deciding to get up and take advantage of the absolutely beautiful day awaiting us outside, we checked into our boat, signed some papers, and walked around Airlie Beach not shopping because we are all broke as. In itself, it is a very nice, clean, small, touristy town right on the ocean!

- stop # FIVE: sailing the Whitsunday Islands on the New Horizon

The Horrrr- our pirate ship for 3 days and 2 nights

30 or so backpackers/travelers, 6 awesome staff

Sailing the Coral Sea by day, anchored by night

great food prepared for us at each meal : )
sunsets and sunrises over the never ending turquoise waters

staring at the water for hours over the rail, star gazing, chatting with new friends


Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, twice!

Whitehaven Beach – The world’s second most photographed beach: where the sand is so fine you can brush your teeth with it and make them a few shades whiter!

Sea turtles, stingrays, heaps of fish, and a dolphin!

card games and pirate garb

Tons of SUN, sand, and saltwater

Whale season, unlucky with the whales and sharks : (

- stop # SIX: Sippy Downs
We arrived back at our apartment complex after an all day drive back down the coast. It may have taken about 15 hours, but overall it was pretty quick.

We were once again completely blessed with the weather, so we got up early for the umpteenth morning in a row and headed to Mooloolaba for a quick surf! Pat threw on his wetsuit, Wes finally got his first shot at a surf, Britt built a ‘turtle sand castle’, and I played in the sand, took photos, and then shocked myself by standing up on my first try! Just a perfect morning on the Sunny Coast.

We hustled back to Brissy, took care of all the long anticipated car business, and 8 days later, after heaps of jokes, names, tunes, animals, people, drives, laughs, sunrises and sunsets, bodies of water, and unforgettable experiences, we called it a successful ‘study week’!

"study week" part ONE.

- stop # ONE: Brisbane
Pat, Britt and I left Uni at 5:55 am in order to catch the bus, to catch the train, to get to our car rental location in the city. Everything went really well and it was a beautiful morning! We had to kill some time for Wes to arrive so we could go pick him up from Roma station. After a hard time getting around the city (fricken one ways!) we could start our journey back to the apartments to get rid of bags, grab Katie, and pack up the car to start on our adventure!

- stop # TWO: Hervey Bay
Hervey Bay is the gateway to the island. We had a free night and free meal at Beaches hostel here. We forked over some more money for park fees, ate a great meal, listened to tunes and watched old music videos, then called it a night.

The next morning we had to meet the rest of the group at 6:45 am in order to get things organized. We planned our grocery and drink lists and put certain people in charge of various tasks. After we had all of our food, supplies, equipment, and listened to ridiculously LONG speeches about the island and 4wd vehicles, we were off to the barge!

- stop # THREE: Fraser Island

Barge ride over to the world’s largest sand island!
Central Station
Wanggoolba Creek – magical waters.

Seventy Five Mile Beach

Eli Creek

'Beaches' campsite to set up tents, supper, games, a full moon, and a night at the beach.

Indian Head hike and look out

Champagne Pools that didn’t bubble for us…but we succeeded in some crab hunting.

exploring the never ending sand dunes

Maheno Shipwreck

Lake Allom and the turtles- plus our ongoing Larry scenarios

'Beaches' Campsite, supper, planning for the next day, and a short night at the beach

watched the sunrise over the Pacific

The Pinnacles

Lake Wabby hike, swim, sand dunes, and sand boarding.

Lake McKenzie: the most amazing beach and freshwater lake I have ever seen. The water there is clearer than what comes out of the tap, that’s for sure!

Dingos – apparently they are vicious?! I won’t take my chances with the wild dogs.

The barge back to Hervey Bay

A long night of driving. Everyone was jammin’ out. Great tunes, great company, great road trip. Hit a wallaby, oops! Which was a bit nerve racking and everyone was unsure what to think at the time. Granted, it is extra money none of us has to spare, but just think about the experience…We made it to Airlie Beach safe and sound otherwise!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

and it I thought they spoke English in OZ?!

AUSSIE terms…OZ OZ OZ oi oi oi

no worries – your welcome, it is ok
maccas - mc donalds
i reckon – i think
yous – you?
broke as or good as – no money or really good
bloke – guy
motorway – highway
salvo – salvation army
how are you going? – how are you doing?
chips – French fries
uni – university
rubbish – garbage
Oz –Australia
Aussie ­– an Australian
brekky – breakfast
rice bubbles – rice krispies
boardies – board shorts
hey? – what?
training – practice
mates – friends
chemist – pharmacy
long black – Americano(coffee)
buggered – tired, beat
tyre – tire
bottle shop – liquor store
whole meal – wheat
snags – sausage (brat)
heaps – a lot, many
seppos – Americans
spot on – perfect
jumper – sweatshirt
lollies – candy
chockie – chocolate bar
dead set- correct
dodgy- questionable, suspicious
sweet as - real cool
zebra crossing – crosswalk
arvo – afternoon
goon – cheap wine
keen – agreeable, good idea
post – mail
notes – paper money
a popper – a juice box
pokies – slot machines
toilet – restroom
zed – z
swimmers, bathers, togs – swim suit
lemonade – 7up, sprite
good onya - good on you- well done
footy – rugby, soccer, football
banana bender- person from Queensland
barbie – barbeque
biscuit – cookie
BYO- bring your own drinks to the restaurant
petrol - gas
rubber – eraser
sport – an activity
have a go – give it a try
gidday – hello
mucking around – playing
nappy – diaper
mum – mother
queue – line of people
tomato sauce – ketchup
tea – main meal
bush – the woods
plaza – mall, shopping center
capsicum – green pepper
rock melon – cantaloupe

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Grace Christian Church

The group I typically attend church with and Pastor Bob

...mid-may BLOG.

May 23: German Katie’s Themed Birthday Party
Had a pretty uneventful week, but anticipated my German friends 23 birthday celebration that would be on Saturday! It had been sometime since I actually just went over to a friends place to hang out. Her theme was to come dressed up representing a country. It ended up being a really neat idea. I tried to wear red, white, and blue to be America…I had no intention of spending money on an outfit. Some people pulled off some really good looks like Spain, Greece, China, etc...along with dressing up people brought drinks and food to go along with the country, so it was really nice to have some actual food with plenty of variety!
The next week consisted of my final tutorial activity in one class where I had to do a viva, in other words, an oral presentation. That ended up going really well which was a relief! In another class I had a group meeting for our final report! In our lectures, we started exam reviews and I have been doing a lot of final exam prep on my own. This week will be our last week of the normal semester schedule, which I can not believe! Thrilled at the same time to get finals over with of course!

May 29: Sunshine Coast Turf Club- Ladies Oaks: Race Day, Caloundra
Friday was an absolutely beautiful day! We used it very effectively as well I must admit! Woke up early, got all fancy, and headed to a friends apartment for a group breakfast. We spent all day at the horse races. There were so many people, many with awesome, classy outfits, hats, and fascinators. Unfortunately, I didn’t win any money, but then again I barely bet!

May 30: Eumundi Markets- Noosa Hinterlands
After the long anticipated waiting period, I finally went to the markets! Weekend after weekend I said I would, but something would come up or the weather would not cooperate! So after buses, trains, buses, and beautiful scenery, we made it to Eumundi and experienced the life of local vendors, original Australian made arts, crafts, clothes, jewelry, and food! We took advantage of all the free samples or course and spent a beautiful day outside browsing the booths.