Monday, June 22, 2009

"study week" part ONE.

- stop # ONE: Brisbane
Pat, Britt and I left Uni at 5:55 am in order to catch the bus, to catch the train, to get to our car rental location in the city. Everything went really well and it was a beautiful morning! We had to kill some time for Wes to arrive so we could go pick him up from Roma station. After a hard time getting around the city (fricken one ways!) we could start our journey back to the apartments to get rid of bags, grab Katie, and pack up the car to start on our adventure!

- stop # TWO: Hervey Bay
Hervey Bay is the gateway to the island. We had a free night and free meal at Beaches hostel here. We forked over some more money for park fees, ate a great meal, listened to tunes and watched old music videos, then called it a night.

The next morning we had to meet the rest of the group at 6:45 am in order to get things organized. We planned our grocery and drink lists and put certain people in charge of various tasks. After we had all of our food, supplies, equipment, and listened to ridiculously LONG speeches about the island and 4wd vehicles, we were off to the barge!

- stop # THREE: Fraser Island

Barge ride over to the world’s largest sand island!
Central Station
Wanggoolba Creek – magical waters.

Seventy Five Mile Beach

Eli Creek

'Beaches' campsite to set up tents, supper, games, a full moon, and a night at the beach.

Indian Head hike and look out

Champagne Pools that didn’t bubble for us…but we succeeded in some crab hunting.

exploring the never ending sand dunes

Maheno Shipwreck

Lake Allom and the turtles- plus our ongoing Larry scenarios

'Beaches' Campsite, supper, planning for the next day, and a short night at the beach

watched the sunrise over the Pacific

The Pinnacles

Lake Wabby hike, swim, sand dunes, and sand boarding.

Lake McKenzie: the most amazing beach and freshwater lake I have ever seen. The water there is clearer than what comes out of the tap, that’s for sure!

Dingos – apparently they are vicious?! I won’t take my chances with the wild dogs.

The barge back to Hervey Bay

A long night of driving. Everyone was jammin’ out. Great tunes, great company, great road trip. Hit a wallaby, oops! Which was a bit nerve racking and everyone was unsure what to think at the time. Granted, it is extra money none of us has to spare, but just think about the experience…We made it to Airlie Beach safe and sound otherwise!

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