Monday, June 22, 2009

"study week" part TWO

- stop # FOUR: Airlie Beach
Arrived at about 5 am and reception was not open until 6:30. Hung out in McDonalds, took a walk, and got some fresh air. Katie and I were delirious and bouncing off the walls. The others probably hated us! Oh well that’s what happens when I don’t sleep. After a while Katie, Wes, and I claimed the car and passed out. Britt and Pat experienced a beautiful sunrise over the harbor. Soon enough reception at the hostel opened and we all went and took over the couches in their common area…at least we were able to get a good couple hours of sleep in us!

After deciding to get up and take advantage of the absolutely beautiful day awaiting us outside, we checked into our boat, signed some papers, and walked around Airlie Beach not shopping because we are all broke as. In itself, it is a very nice, clean, small, touristy town right on the ocean!

- stop # FIVE: sailing the Whitsunday Islands on the New Horizon

The Horrrr- our pirate ship for 3 days and 2 nights

30 or so backpackers/travelers, 6 awesome staff

Sailing the Coral Sea by day, anchored by night

great food prepared for us at each meal : )
sunsets and sunrises over the never ending turquoise waters

staring at the water for hours over the rail, star gazing, chatting with new friends


Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, twice!

Whitehaven Beach – The world’s second most photographed beach: where the sand is so fine you can brush your teeth with it and make them a few shades whiter!

Sea turtles, stingrays, heaps of fish, and a dolphin!

card games and pirate garb

Tons of SUN, sand, and saltwater

Whale season, unlucky with the whales and sharks : (

- stop # SIX: Sippy Downs
We arrived back at our apartment complex after an all day drive back down the coast. It may have taken about 15 hours, but overall it was pretty quick.

We were once again completely blessed with the weather, so we got up early for the umpteenth morning in a row and headed to Mooloolaba for a quick surf! Pat threw on his wetsuit, Wes finally got his first shot at a surf, Britt built a ‘turtle sand castle’, and I played in the sand, took photos, and then shocked myself by standing up on my first try! Just a perfect morning on the Sunny Coast.

We hustled back to Brissy, took care of all the long anticipated car business, and 8 days later, after heaps of jokes, names, tunes, animals, people, drives, laughs, sunrises and sunsets, bodies of water, and unforgettable experiences, we called it a successful ‘study week’!

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