Saturday, February 14, 2009

the journey...

hilary and i made it to the MSP airport with no sweat and too early!! i decided to reorganize my bags a little anyways so i did not have to pay the overweight baggage fee. it worked out wonderfully. no problems with check in and security, so i got through and did some browsing...oh and got some coffee or course! then eventually bought a book and got some food.

the flight to chicago was really fast but unnecessary. only 5 of us stayed on that flight to continue to LAX until more boarded. the other 4 had been trying to get to hawaii so the two kids could get married, but kept getting into delays! poor family! i had originally switched seats with the groom so he could sit by his fiance...not knowing at the time and later when they got the whole row to themselves i assured them that was my weeding gift to them! i then sat next to a crazy frizzed out curly haired lady who is the kind of person that doesnt care what anyone thinks. she was great! this flight took forever!!!

i stepped out and enjoyed the california weather for a bit and used some of the perfume and cosmetics at the duty free shop! brushed my teeth and felt much better after that. i decided it was time to go through security which led to pure chaos! the area was under renovations and just packed with people who had no where else to go as we were all waiting for our flights. soon enough i ran into justin and stephen from my school, and a few minutes later wes. it was a nice change seeing them!

the flight to AUS was really good! long of course....but easy. just watched some new released movies, played games, ate, listened to some tunes, and slept! some how we were able to rearrange it so me and the two boys sat next to each other, which worked out just perfectly!

finally got to sydney, transferred planes to fly out to brisbane. of course this is when we have to all get our bags, go through customs, and recheck everything! it all went great however, especially because i was with wes and his two friends the whole time. they helped me with my large, large suitcases.

next came getting to brisbane, finding our cols air transfer dude and getting to our apartments! he eventually found us and we were on our way once again. i feel as though at this point every australian we had encountered was very outgoing and upbeat!! love it. we got to the apt's, had to fill out a bunch of sheets, hand over a bunch of money, and finally were able to get in our rooms!
so yes, the trip consisted of a lot or driving, waiting, flying, busing, and sitting! but now that i am here...i dont even think about the morning i left my house! it all went so fast.

now only if it would stop raining!!!

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