Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the beginning

How can I sum up my last few days w/o writing a ridiculous amount of information you all do not care to hear….I will do my best! On Monday, Feb 16 “O-week” started. This is the start of orientation for all students, but especially for international students. So we all sat through some presentations and listened to various people talk about all you would expect them to say. It is a lot and gets long, but is nice as well to feel informed! It is a prime time to start meeting others by simply introducing yourself to anyone and everyone. On Tuesday there was Market day, which includes the advertising and representation of different clubs, organizations, and local businesses. There were also tours and food and an induction ceremony. Can’t forget to mention I saw a salvation army, have to make sure to check it out of course. Ha! For those of you who will appreciate that(sarah), the building said “thank god for the salvo.”

However, once done on campus or should I say choose to be done, what else to do!? Last night was a pretty loud night with a ton of people in and around the pool and beach volleyball court. It is awesome that everyone is out and about. It will be interesting to see what it is like once Uni (school) starts!

Besides that, Sunday and Monday were very sunny days, and none-the-less Sunday at Mooloolaba(the beach) provided some definite swimsuit lines. Oops! I even defied the norm and wore sunscreen! We also walked around the strip/boardwalk and checked out some shops and grabbed some food. The wharf is right there as well, filled with big boats! It is a beautiful area.

As part of the international students at Uni, there are a lot of Germans and a lot of Asians. Besides those, there are some Americans, Mexicans, and also many Canadians. It is nice to meet people of many cultures, but a challenge as well to effectively communicate and interact with them.

To get around the Sunshine Coast we have been using the public transport system(buses), asking Aussies for rides, or using a taxi. I also have been doing some exploring by jogging and taking walks.

My apartment complex has over a hundred apartments, with four apartments to a building and four rooms to an apartment. There are two pools and a beach volleyball court. Scattered around the complex are some barbeques and there is also a pretty weak workout room. It is nice to have activity going on all around the complex, especially once you start to get to know the other students and you can just walk onto their porches to hang out!

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