Thursday, April 2, 2009

busy week # 1

JESS and ELLE come to AUSTRALIA…the nitty gritty of it all!

Two weeks, three girls, one bed, ridiculous rain, too many pictures, lack of food, fun in the sun, Tim tams, tons of people, kangaroos, and many great memories!

March 16 – Monday

The girls arrive at the Brisbane airport at approximately 6:45 a.m. The plan is to take Col’s Air Shuttle to my apartment complex and to call me when they get here so I can discretely get both of them and all their luggage in my apartment building without causing a commotion. Well instead, I wake up to this ridiculously annoying noise and when I peak out my window to see what it is I discover it’s Jess and Elle dragging their suitcases, walking around the apartment complex looking for my unit!

I head to class, they head to the pool, and afterwards we make a trip to Wooley’s stock up on some food!

That night Asaka and Yumeno made us some Japanese food and they taught us some traditional dances. J and E did their fair share of teaching the girls some dance moves as well.

Out of nowhere and before we knew it, a monsoon hit! The rain was insane! Therefore we realized, duh, let’s go run in it! We ran to others apartments grabbed them, hopped the fence at the apt complex next door, and before we knew it there were about 17 of use running around and swimming in the rain!

March 17 – Tuesday

J and E go to Mooloolaba(nearest beach) for the day and luck out with some great weather! Tuesdays are cheap pizza nights so we had a big pizza party and probably all Uni students went out to O’Malley’s Irish Pub for St. Patrick’s Day!

We also explored the beach some, which is beautiful at night, and we walked around the Mooloolaba Esplanade. We ended our night at The Wharf and Fridays because the girls were itching to dance!

March 18 – Wednesday

The weather today is not too bad but the girls decide to check out the Sunshine Plaza for the day and head back to meet me once I am done with Uni. For supper that night we went to the wharf to eat at Hog’s Breath for supper. It was a decent meal! Would have been better with a view of the harbor instead of Underwater World!

March 19 – Thursday

Today the girls check out the infamous Australia Zoo! I had already been their but really was tempted to skip class and join them! However, I tried to be responsible and I let J and E experience the kangaroos, koalas, and home of the crocodile hunter without me.

Thursdays are Uni nights to go out and about, we hopped a free shuttle over to Woombye’s and the girls got to experience what almost every single Thursday night is like for those of us on the Sunny Coast. I will spare you all the details of the eventful night : )

March 20 – Friday

Then comes Friday and I am free from classes! We slept in some and spent the day at the beach. Well we attempted. Some friends came with surfboards and body boards, so it was nice to play around on those awhile until we got rained out!

That night we had a BBQ for Asaka and Yumeno because they were leaving to go back to Japan early that next morning! That evening J and E also went over to their new friend Kyal’s parent’s house for an Aussie get together!

March 21 – Saturday

Lucky for us, we were out wondering two days before and had scored ourselves a free surfing lesson for 9 a.m. today! It was early and we were tired, but it was a blast! The weather started out great, then we got rained on, then it was good again, and then we got poured on! We surfed through it all and enjoyed every minute. The waves were huge! Of course we challenged each other and competed to see who could catch the biggest waves or stay on the longest! We even all three did it in unison at one point : )

We joined the group for free sausages and Tim Tams and before we knew it, the sun was shining! We spent the whole day having a great time at the beach and getting burnt while we were at it! We slept and swam and got killed by the waves and searched for daiquiris and drank slurpees. It was wonderful!

That night we hung out at both apartment complexes and then a group of us headed out to the Wharf.

March 22 – Sunday

A large group of us took a day trip to Noosa, just down the coast!

It was a gorgeous day. We saw a surfing competition, hung at the beach, and hiked some paths of the national park. It was so beautiful!!
I could have just sat in one spot all day and watched and watched, whether it was people, the ocean, or the amazing surfing skills. In that day I saw more surfers than I have seen in my whole life!

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