Wednesday, March 4, 2009

heaps of fun

March 4, 2009

I can not believe it is already March! Of course it helps that February is a short month, but still…in some ways I feel like I just got here and in others I feel like my time here has already been so long.

School is well underway this week and I will have had each of my lectures and tutorials by 3:00 o’clock on Thursday! Yes, Fridays are free and make for a long weekend! The beginning is a little rocky because everything is so new and all the teachers have different styles. The setup of how they run their courses is different from UND. I will have completed a lot of presentations by time this semester is over.

Last weekend was pretty quite, however on Sunday I was able to head to Dream/Water World on the Gold Coast for the day. It was Carina, Josie, Regina, Michaela, and my self. Carina drove us down and her and Josie and had discount passes for us, so that was great! It was a really good day, enjoying each others company, the weather, and the rides. It was nice to get away for the day that is for sure.

On Tuesday it was my friend Pat’s birthday so a group of us went out to Montezuma’s, which is a Mexican restaurant down at Mooloolaba. After supper we walked the beach and it was soooo beautiful. The buildings, the lights, the moon, the beach, the water; all of it! Those are the moments when I am truly amazed at nature and how God could have possibly come up with something so wonderful.

Lastly, I just came from making some plans for my Easter break, which will take up a huge chunk of April and it looks like I am going to New Zealand! Even better I will be there on my birthday.

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